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U.S. Response to Coghill's Motion (See 4 new photo documents)

In documents filed by the Government today, Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom supported a short continuance for our boy's trial, but cited 3 areas of concern:

1) A potential conflict of interest for John Edwards, who previously represented Coghill Sr., a government witness. Hogeboom writes "Since Mr. Edwards previously represented Coghill Sr. during the investigative stage of this matter, he would undoubtedly have obtained information that might prove critical in impeaching Coghill Sr.'s credibility." CTC thinks this issue could be the basis for an appeal, and the US is being proactive in pointing out the conflict. We are also surprised to see that Coghill Sr. is being tapped as a government witness. Does that mean they expect Sr. to testify against Jr.? Hmmmmmmm....... this should be interesting.

2) As I wrote to Judge Moon and to Mr. Hogeboom in my letters to each, the second point raised by the US is Junior's ability to pay for John Edwards as co-counsel. Hogeboom writes "This is a surprising admission given the fact that Coghill Jr.'s current attorney was appointed by the Court based upon a finding by the Court that Coghill Jr. did not have the financial ability to hire his own attorney." Hogeboom then requests an inquiry into the source of funds to determine whether the defendant should be required to reimburse funds dispersed for his Court appointed attorney.

We all know what's going on here... it's more of the Coghill shuffle (a subset of the rope-a-dope)... he turns his pockets inside out before the Court and pleads poverty, then at the eleventh hour dishes out big bucks for Edwards. In a footnote, the US points out that the current charges relate to "HIS ALLEGED FAILURE TO FULLY DISCLOSE HIS FINANCIAL STATUS" prior to sentencing, and that the US has not been advised of any change in Coghill's financial status that would allow him to personally retain counsel or INCREASE HIS RESTITUTION PAYMENTS. So, he can pay Edwards, but Anchor Capital and my family get to split $200 a month from his "salary." And if the funds are a loan or a gift to Jr. does that mean that the US has some say as to how those funds are dispersed? It warms the heart to see the US finally getting a handle on what most of us already know.... that Coghill is a sociopath and a liar who's every statement requires independent verification.

3) Hogeboom also points out that the attorney for Riverfront Development Revocable Trust has filed a notice with the Bankruptcy Court of his intention to take the deposition of persons associated with Conch House Builders, LLC. which, in the US attorney's opinion, is "an entity used by Coghill Jr. to conceal ownership of assets." Hogeboom requests the opportunity to "prevent a civil proceeding being used to obtain discovery, harass witnesses or otherwise hinder the prosecution of the criminal matter."

CTC thinks that Mr. Hogeboom has made some salient and thought provoking points, and we hope that Judge Moon will allow a hearing on the 13th to resolve the issues raised. A short continuance will probably be granted, a hearing held, and a new trial date set. For us, the prospect of waiting a few more weeks while Junior shucks and jives and pisses away somebody else's money (Mommy and Daddy's? A previously fleeced victim's?) certainly is interesting to watch, as the US noose gets tighter and tighter. Hopefully all of his scheming will lead to many sleepless hours for our boy, as he tries to unpaint himself from the corner he has painted himself into. We doubt there will be any outcome short of a year or two in the slammer, so the dance just provides more opportunity to watch him squirm. We hope he thinks about going back to prison every day, and that his misery leads to more misery.

There will be a trial. He will be convicted. He will go back to jail where he belongs. And when he is free again and on probation, we will watch every move.

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