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Liar and Thief Still Seeking Continuance

Junior's new attorney, John Edwards, has filed ANOTHER motion to continue, according to the recent postings on PACER. Our boy is really wriggling around trying to get this trial postponed over the objection of Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom. Hogeboom knows that junior is playing games with the system just to delay his next appearance before Judge Moon and subsequent incarceration. We will see if judge Moon allows this continuance... and we expect he will, but we are encouraged by Hogeboom's attitude and determination. He has done a fine job putting together the Indictment, and has all of Junior's e-mail and paper trail ready to go.

We wrote to Judge Moon asking him to rescind Junior's Parole, but he is still walking around free, and probably hitting the sauce. Having been arrested twice in 3 months for alcohol related offenses seems indicative of an ongoing relationship with the bottle, and we believe that he has been violating his Conditions of Release all along. Stuff like this tends to catch up with you, and the arrests could be just the tip of the ice cube. We hope the next time he gets drunk, Judge Moon will enforce the Conditions of Release and lock his sorry ass up.

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