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Well, what a surprise! Attorney John Edwards has filed a request with the Court asking for a continuance so that he can get up to speed. We have known all along that junior would drag this out until he hired a real attorney to represent him at trial, and thus the need for a continuance and a chance to delay the inevitable, another spin in the pen. It remains to be seen how Judge Moon will rule, but we suspect a new court date is probable. Too bad. We were hoping junior would be locked up again soon. But the idea of him thinking about it every day for the next few months is appealing in itself.... a sort of mental prison, closing in and crushing down on him more and more each day.

As you may know, poor junior cannot manage to pay more than $200 a month in restitution.... but he can afford to piss away about $300 an hour on a useless defense... interesting how the sociopathic mind works. And when Edwards has had enough, he will no doubt yield to another willing to feed from the Coghill teat, creating the need for yet another delay. You heard it here first.

We have written to Judge Moon asking him to deny the request.

We continue to be vigilant. Your comments are welcome.

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Comment by Eric L. Koehn on July 26, 2009 at 10:02pm
I hope you print my responses plz call me at 757 287 7433...
Comment by Eric L. Koehn on July 26, 2009 at 10:01pm
There are always winners and losers which side will you be on???



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