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Co-councel Added for Upcoming Trial

As expected, junior has hired an attorney to work with his Public Defender (Notice of Appearance posted on PACER today) begging the question... why did he need, or get, a public defender in the first place. CTC believes the Public Defender was a set-up to create a last minute dodge. We will see if the new attorney, one John E. Edwards of Roanoke, is used as a delaying tactic, and if Judge Moon bites.

It makes one wonder if Attorney Edwards knows what he is in for. (note to Edwards: your client probably thinks he knows how his case should be handled, so don't waste your time trying to tell him otherwise. When he is hung by his own petard, it will be your fault anyway, so just hang on for the ride. And for God's sake, get a BIG retainer. Good luck.)

It is indeed unfortunate that junior is still walking around free after two alcohol-related arrests, violating his probation on two occasions. CTC knows that junior will be back in prison soon.... just not soon enough.

We have heard nothing of possible new charges stemming from junior's activities in Florida, so we can only hope that there is an entirely new case being put together which will put our boy in prison again, for a very long time. Meanwhile, we have the trial scheduled for August 13th in Lynchburg to amuse us.

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