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Motion Denied! Trial to begin on the 13th.

This morning Judge Norman Moon denied Coghill's motion for a continuance. In a tersely worded Order, the Judge pointed out that Coghill had plenty of time to hire an attorney, and the fact that he did not is no reason to delay the trial. (Whoopie!!) (See photos of the Judge's Order)

In my recent letter to Judge Moon I made the same point, and asked the Judge if he was going to continue to let Coghill play him. I guess not! In reading the Order (which I will post shortly) it seems that the Judge has had enough of the Coghill rope-a-dope. I don't think this bodes well for our boy, who in about one week will be in front of Judge Moon. We will see if the Judge maintains this attitude during the trial. If the US proves that Coghill lied during his sentencing hearing, its back to the pen for Junior. Maybe he will go directly from the trial into custody... wouldn't that be grand?

Well, Tommy boy, I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me to think of you being locked up again. And when you get out, I'll be there, the web site will be there, and we will continue to try to alert people with whom you do business that you are a convicted felon, a liar, and a thief. I will continue to pursue my restitution, and will seek any opportunity to call for the revocation of your parole. It's been ten years since you stole my money, and you will continue to pay one way or another. You should have paid me off when you had the chance, sucker.

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