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Coghill's attorney has filed a Motion to Compel, asking the Court to direct the Government to turn over documents, records, names and addresses etc. relating to the case. He was arraigned on April 13th, folks. You would think that on April 14th, there would have been a request from the defense for all of these records and documents. Seems pretty basic to me.... show us your stuff, so we can prepare. It is less than a week until the trial, and they are just now asking for discovery. Hmmmmm....Sounds like a red herring to CTC... a reason to say to the Judge, "We did not have all of the documents and records to study for preparation, so we cannot go to trial" or, more likely, "the Public Defender assigned to Coghill did not do his job".... never mind that the plan all along was to hire another attorney and get another continuance. Seems to me this strategy has blown up in their face, and we are seeing yet another Coghillthecon dance.

There is a hearing scheduled for Tuesday at 3:30 to sort out the various issues. We shall see what Judge Moon decides to do about the Government's concerns, and how this Motion to Compel affects the trial date. If the Government delivers all of this stuff today or Monday, will Counsel for the Defense try to say they didn't have enough time to prepare? Did we expect anything less of our boy? Stay tuned.

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