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Continuance of Sentencing Hearing Requested

Coghill was scheduled to be sentenced on January 8th, but his attorney has filed a motion for continuance, asking that the sentencing be delayed for 30 days.

In his motion, attorney John Edwards cites the reasons for requesting the continuance, including paragraph 3. "A continuance is needed so that the defendant can receive the bargained for
benefits of his plea agreement, namely, to have an opportunity to provide substantial assistance.
Furthermore, the FBI agent involved has expressed a keen interest at obtaining further
information and assistance from the defendant regarding an on going investigation. Thus, a
valid basis exists for this request and the ends of justice would be better served by continuing
the sentencing hearing for a reasonable period of time."

Is it possible there are criminal acts by others that Coghill is willing to reveal in order to lessen his own sentence? Or is this more shucking and jiving by our boy in order to save his own skin? Heaven forbid! I must be dreaming. CTC would certainly support a 30 day delay if it meant that other thieves would be brought down with Junior... so we will just have to wait to see if there is any substance to this motion, and whether the Government and Judge Moon agree to a postponement. Seems like more of the Coghill "rope-a-dope" to CTC... but if there is an ongoing investigation into the "Conch House" deal, or any others that Coghill was involved in during his time in Florida, then it is surely going to get interesting. Will Coghill's information prove to be valuable enough to the Government to earn him a gold star from the US Attorney, and a pass on the prison time he faces? We hope not. We believe that whatever information Coghill can provide should not lessen a hoped for long stretch in the clink. We think society is better off when our boy is locked up... and hope the Judge will agree. To that end we have written to the Judge, reminding him of Coghill's lies while under oath on March 15th, 2006, and would urge any and all of you to do the same. The address is:

The Honorable Norman K. Moon
1101 Court Street, Room 390
Lynchburg, VA 24504

The saga continues... but we will never take our eyes off the target, which is to make sure Coghill is punished for his crimes, and is properly supervised while on probation. We will be watching and investigating to see that the Terms of Release are complied with. If you have anything to add, please contact me here, or privately at 434-817-2729.

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