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Thomas Coghill, Jr. - Con Man, Convict, Conspirator

Coghill was scheduled to be sentenced for Obstruction of Justice on November 23rd., but the sentencing has been postponed until January 8th. CTC does not know the reason for the delay, but we will be writing to Judge Moon prior to sentencing, and may have a chance to speak as a victim at the hearing. Junior gets to spend the Holidays with Mommy and Daddy, but the good news is that he also gets to think about how long he will get and where he will be jailed... and CTC hopes that thinking about this will give him many a sleepless night. Maybe he will refrain from trying to violate the many restrictions placed on him by the US attorney this time around.

I have some other good news... the heat is getting turned up in Florida, and Junior may be in for some new charges from his activities there. Wouldn't that be grand! The penalties for fraud have gotten much stiffer since he committed the crimes that got him sent up the first time. I think ten years is a nice round number......

Personal to Tommy... I'm still watching... and will enjoy the show on the 8th. Let me know when you want to pay me back, OK?

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