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Arraignment Hearing on Thursday, April 9th

Well, we had a sweet day in court today with Junior. I arrived early to try to catch a photo of The Swindler entering the courthouse, but as usual, he had ducked in the back door. I caught up with him in the lobby, where he had just met his court-appointed public defender. I yelled out to him.. "Tommy, we're having fun now, aren't we?" he would not look at me, just kept his head down as he and the attorney rushed by, so I yelled... " Gottcha good this time, huh buddy? Whooo hoo hoo hooooooo" No response. He and the PD got on the elevator and went up to the third floor where they met up with Mommy and Daddy, and all huddled for a little while, then went into the courtroom. I followed, and went over and sat down right next to Mommy..... (oh my god, that awful Melcher man) she sniffed her dissatisfaction, and turned away. As I watched them huddle and whisper some more, all three got up and went across the aisle and sat down on the other side of the courtroom. Guess I (that nasty ole' victim) was too close for comfort.

When Judge Moon came in, T-boy went inside the railing and took his place at the defense table, and was sworn in... yeah, like that means anything.... but he was full of "yes sirs" and "no sirs", very contrite... Then the fun started. Pat Hogeboom, the US Attorney, was asked by Judge Moon to read the indictments, which he did, and, of course, our boy says "not guilty". The judge then asked the US what they recommended for terms of release, and Hogeboom starts to rail against our poor boy, telling the Judge that he has violated the terms of his probation by doing business as an LLC, and wants $10,000 bond and close supervision. The PD then askes the Judge if Tommy can travel out of state to sell "beach attachments", and Hogeboom got all worked up, telling the Judge that our boy has been involved in business activities prohibited by the terms of his probation (which he then reads to the court, claiming that Tommy-boy had not informed his PO of said activities), and that he had conducted business from his jail cell, and that he had been cited for "Public Intoxication" in February (hearing scheduled for April 27th in Virginia Beach) and that the US Attorneys are sick of his violating probation, and sick of receiving letters "from United States Senators" complaining on behalf of victims (that would be me). I'm telling you, it was a moment of PURE JOY. So after a little back and forth about this LLC (EZBeachAttachments) that Jr. is involved with, the Judge says to our boy "you are digging yourself deeper and deeper", and you are not to travel out of the state or conduct any business without the approval of BOTH the parole officer and the US Attorney's office. Whoooopppeeeeee!! You go Judge.

The trial date on these two indictments is set for June 15 through 18, I believe in Lynchburg. I understand that others are pursuing charges for Juniors misdeeds in Florida, so we might get really lucky and see more indictments in the near future. What a grand day!

Your comments and thoughts are welcome, and any information that helps to hang this bastard will be sent immediately to the US Attorneys.

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