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I received a call from a St. Augustine reporter on Tuesday, asking for an interview... he told me that he had been assigned to do a story on Coghill, and wanted my reaction to the latest indictments. I have been laying low for 9 months out of respect for the efforts of David Ponce and Mike Seymour, who requested that I back off so that they could make their case with the Federal Prosecutors in Virginia.

I had written several letters in the past (some posted as photos) to Senators, the FBI, to the Federal Prosecutors and to Federal Judges, asking them why Coghill had been allowed to return to Florida to continue scamming while under indictment, and why he had not been held accountable for lying to Judge Moon at his sentencing hearing, and why he was continuing to do business FROM PRISON! (I even spoke to his "Case Manager" at the prison in Arkansas) I believe that we were responsible for having him held for the full term of his sentence and not released in January of 08 as originally planned by the Feds, but I thought that my letters and pleas for justice had fallen on deaf ears. Apparently not!

When another reporter called the next day and told me the details of the two new indictments, my comment was "SWEET". I had thought that this was connected to his scams in Florida, but it is nice to know that he still is answering for his crimes in Virginia, and STILL has alleged fraudulent activities to answer for in Florida.

Coghill is scheduled to be arraigned in Federal Court in Lynchburg, in front of Judge Moon, on the 9th. I will be there to witness his next act of false contrition, and will be interested to see how Judge Moon handles this situation. I am very happy to have played some part in these indictments, or no part at all, as long as his ass is being dragged around by the Feds. With any luck, he will be tried and convicted of both of these crimes, and be back in the slammer for a long time.... and with any luck, he will be prosecuted for his scams in Florida, and be held in prison for a really long time!

Personal to Tommy.... got you good this time, huh? I will NEVER take my foot off your neck.

I will report back here after the arraignment on the 9th... and we will see if Mommy and Daddy can keep their little fucker out of this jam.... but he is being represented by a public defender this time around... maybe they have decided not to piss away any more money on phony "experts" who merely draw the wrath of Judge Moon.

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