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I found this site as a result of trying to learn something about Fat Sand Bikes in Florida. I wanted to find out what I could about FSB because I was jacked around after initiating a transaction to purchase a $899 bicycle from them. I have cancelled that transaction and have lodged a Transaction Dispute with VISA. I have documented emails and phone calls pertaining to the incident and in short, this is the story:

While on the Oregon coast a couple weeks ago we saw a gentleman riding an unusual looking bike with huge tires on the beach! Ever try riding a conventional bike in the sand? We never found this guy to ask him about the bike so I hit the net. Unfortunately, the website I focused on was FSB. It profiled a product line for upper-end special terrain bikes as well as a company profile, terms and conditions, etc. The profile speaks of the founders, TommiSea, Sr. and Jr. The "TommiSea" is apparently a play on the name Tommy C. or as I now believe, Tommy Coghill.

I became enamored with one of the bikes and placed an order for a bike described as "In Stock" on 3-29-13. My VISA was charged the full amount that day. Six business days later and a long weekend thrown in, after 2 phone calls and 3 emails with either "it ships today" or no response at all, I gave them a date and time (4-5-13 1:00PST) to provide a tracking number or I was cancelling the order. The tracking number was never provided.

The very next day began a series of phone calls from "Tommy" and some other guy named Ian Greenen who proceeded to tag-team me with further excuses and that I had apparently slandered them and they were going to sue me and get $20K as they had done to 2 other people and that the bike was enroute to my house. (I have the emails saved and they have much more detail). I told them the order was cancelled and if a bike showed up at my door I would refuse it. The con continued into Sunday even though I told FSB that I would no longer respond to their emails or calls. Tommy sent an email bringing my manhood into question, explaining that he had done time at the "Fed", had a problem with booze at one time, wanted me to call him so he could make the deal happen, would help me with the cost of the bike and only wanted happy customers. The con was furthered with his assertion that he would ship my bike out Monday 4-8-13. (This after Ian telling me the bike was on the way to me). Guess Ian and Tommy don't communicate well with one another.

Transaction dispute is underway, I have posted a warning about FSB on a bike forum and now I am posting here. I warned them that I would waste their time like they wasted mine. I don't even know if FSB exists or if Ian and Tommy are one in the same........don't care.

Scam on scammers! I don't wish you well.

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