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U.S. Response to Coghill's Motion (See 4 new photo documents)

In documents filed by the Government today, Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom supported a short continuance for our boy's trial, but cited 3 areas of concern:

1) A potential conflict of interest for John Edwards, who previously represented Coghill Sr., a government witness. Hogeboom writes "Since Mr. Edwards previously represented Coghill Sr. during the investigative stage of this matter, he would undoubtedly have obtained information that might prove critical in impeaching Coghill… Continue

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Liar and Thief Still Seeking Continuance

Junior's new attorney, John Edwards, has filed ANOTHER motion to continue, according to the recent postings on PACER. Our boy is really wriggling around trying to get this trial postponed over the objection of Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom. Hogeboom knows that junior is playing games with the system just to delay his next appearance before Judge Moon and subsequent incarceration. We will see if judge Moon allows this continuance... and we expect he will, but we are encouraged by Hogeboom's… Continue

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New Councel Requests Continuance

Well, what a surprise! Attorney John Edwards has filed a request with the Court asking for a continuance so that he can get up to speed. We have known all along that junior would drag this out until he hired a real attorney to represent him at trial, and thus the need for a continuance and a chance to delay the inevitable, another spin in the pen. It remains to be seen how Judge Moon will rule, but we suspect a new court date is probable. Too bad. We were hoping junior would be locked up again… Continue

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Co-councel Added for Upcoming Trial

As expected, junior has hired an attorney to work with his Public Defender (Notice of Appearance posted on PACER today) begging the question... why did he need, or get, a public defender in the first place. CTC believes the Public Defender was a set-up to create a last minute dodge. We will see if the new attorney, one John E. Edwards of Roanoke, is used as a delaying tactic, and if Judge Moon bites.

It makes one wonder if Attorney Edwards knows what he is in for. (note to Edwards:… Continue

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Letter Sent to Judge Moon to Rescind Probation

I have added a document to the photo section, my recent letter to Judge Moon detailing Coghill's probation violations. The violations that we are aware of are an arrest for Public Intoxication and an arrest for Driving While Intoxicated, both in the first half of this year. The Conditions of Release clearly state that Coghill is not to violate any federal, state or local law, and that he is to refrain from the use of any alcohol. I would guess that this is the tip of the iceberg, and that… Continue

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Trial Postponed

As we expected, Junior will do the rope-a-dope for another two months with Judge Moon. His trial for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice has been continued until August 13th.

Personal to Tommy... Pack your toothbrush, your going back!

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Transcript of April 9 Arraignment

Please see the photo section for a copy of the transcript from Coghill's Arraignment of April 9th. Please note that the Judge warned Coghill that he is not to do any business that has not been approved by his parole officer. If you are aware of business that is being conducted without coghill notifying the client or the parole officer, please write or call. We are still on for June 15th, coghill's trial. Maybe a little more time will save others from losing money to this predator.

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Indictment from March 12

The 11 page Indictment of Junior for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice has been downloaded from the US Department of Justice web site and is shown here in the photo section. Makes some interesting reading.

Personal to Tommy.... arrogance and stupidity seem to have gotten you Indicted again.

Works for me! See you in June.

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Nice Going!

Looking forward to your take on the trial on June 15th.

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Arraignment Hearing on Thursday, April 9th

Well, we had a sweet day in court today with Junior. I arrived early to try to catch a photo of The Swindler entering the courthouse, but as usual, he had ducked in the back door. I caught up with him in the lobby, where he had just met his court-appointed public defender. I yelled out to him.. "Tommy, we're having fun now, aren't we?" he would not look at me, just kept his head down as he and the attorney rushed by, so I yelled... " Gottcha good this time, huh buddy? Whooo hoo hoo hooooooo" No… Continue

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New Indictments

I received a call from a St. Augustine reporter on Tuesday, asking for an interview... he told me that he had been assigned to do a story on Coghill, and wanted my reaction to the latest indictments. I have been laying low for 9 months out of respect for the efforts of David Ponce and Mike Seymour, who requested that I back off so that they could make their case with the Federal Prosecutors in Virginia.

I had written several letters in the past (some posted as photos) to Senators,… Continue

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March 2009: Coghill Indicted Again

"The most recent indictment against Coghill lists the Conch House deal and 15 other financial transactions Coghill is said to have conducted in and around St. Augustine between March and December 2005.

"The defendant allegedly didn't notify his probation officer about those deals or any other transactions. That failure makes up the obstruction of justice charge because it kept the court "from determining and imposing an appropriate sentence that would afford adequate deterrence,… Continue

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