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New specialists arrived in our manicure salon. Therefore, we need to purchase more manicure and pedicure tools. We have lost contacts of the supplier from whom we ordered the last batch of tools. Now we are looking for a new store with quality tools. Please advise where can I find this?

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I think that you need to start searching, start with the brand of tool that you prefer for your work. Find the manufacturer's website and contact him.

In Google nowadays we can found everything ...just need to add the place/city and exactly what u r searching for ...easyest way I guess 

In today's market, the list of these tools is quite extensive. Of course, not all are suitable for professional use. Some of the most popular brands are GERMANIKURE, Zinger, Metzger, Yoko and Silver Star.

I really want to tell you about my experience, how I found great tools and what mistakes I made. I am a working manicurist.
The key characteristics when choosing tools manicure and pedicure are the material of manufacture and ease of use. You need to understand that cheap and low-quality tools will hit your budget. As for the choice of cutting tools - it's an individual thing, some people like scissors, some like wire cutters. Personally I prefer scissors. They should be sharp so they don't tear the cuticle and have thin blades that will go under the cuticle easily.

To create a good manicure, you need to have a high-quality set of necessary tools. Each master himself determines with what tools to carry out certain operations, but it is impossible to do without some tools, such as scissors, wire cutters, files or a pusher.




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