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ANTENNE BAYERN is Germany's leading news provider, covering a wide range of regional and international topics in politics and business, sport and culture, education and services. You can access the station at With its global network of correspondents and timely specials, it provides a wealth of background information.

The broadcaster has a strong service culture and was the first German news station to measure traffic in real time, as well as several other firsts. From weather reports to a groundbreaking digital program of spectacular hot air balloon flights, ANTENNE BAYERN sets new standards for service excellence and constant innovation.

Radio is an important part of people's lives throughout Bavaria. According to a recent survey by Funkanalyse Bayern Horfunk, 82.4% of Bavarians said they listen to the radio at least once a week and 25.7% turn on the local radio station or listen to their own music collection. on the music player.

BR1 is the official radio channel of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio). The program covers national and international news, politics, economy and sports.

Its programming reflects the traditions of Bavarian radio and includes programming in several languages, such as Italian, French and Polish. It also features a variety of musical styles, including jazz, classical, and pop.

There are over 100 different shows on the BR1 and many of them can be heard on mobile devices with the BR Radio App. It is free to download and has a wide range of features.

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