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On modern mobile phones, there are usually multiple ring styles available, where each user can choose his or her favorite ring style. Some ringtones are pre-programmed from music files and others can be downloaded or created by the user. You can visit sonnerie téléphone to find and download your favorite ringtones.

Some ringtones have a very high pitch, while others have a more moderate pitch. All are designed for noise cancellation and in-call chatter.

Old Phone Ring is a nostalgic ringtone that takes you back to the days when phones were loud and shrill to indicate someone was calling. It also includes a keyless alternative for those who prefer quieter ringtones.

Smartphone Ringtones are a bit more soothing and relaxing ringtones, featuring cool alto sounds of modern mobile phone ringtones. It also includes a softer and less harsh alternative, the Soft Ringtone Loop 02, inspired by submarine radar.

Bright Ringtone is another ringtone designed for mobile phones and it is inspired by the rhythm of submarine radar. It's a bit less insistent than the Wake Up Ringtones above, but still feels fun and quirky.

Create your own ringtone
Ringtone Maker is an application that allows users to create their own ringtones from audio files, which they can then download to their mobile phones. The ringtone can then be used as default ringtone, ringtone for a specific contact, alarm or notification sound (text and email).

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I've always wanted to have a wish that I can get the horror music in fnaf security breach to set as a ringtone. Now it can be done.

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