Coghill The Con

Thomas Coghill, Jr. - Con Man, Convict, Conspirator

Looks like Tommy is in for another six months. No idea why but you can check this out at:

When I decided to invest in real estate I never thought I would be learning how to use the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator. Thanks Tommy!

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I'm afraid the inmate locator shows what was originally planned, and my Victim Witness web site shows that the scummy bastard has been released as planned on January 27th. I have begun notifying State, County and City officials, and will be sending information to all realtors in the area, and pressuring the Probation Office to do their job.

Tommy, your going back.

I have finally spoken to the case worker at the Federal Prison in Askansas, and it is confirmed that Jr. is still in, and will be there until July 3rd. He is to be released to live in the EASTERN DISTRICT of VIRGINIA!! This is all very good news.. I have been lobbying the feds to keep him close to home and to keep a better eye on him... and this will also make it much easier to watch him myself. Tommy, if your reading this, you can expect me to stay all over you and to report ANY violation of probation to your probation officer.

If anyone knows whether there is another investigation regarding the Florida scams, please let me know. If you have details of or are a victim of a Coghill fraud, please call or e-mail me so that I can help you put the information together for the FBI. Thanks!




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