Coghill The Con

Thomas Coghill, Jr. - Con Man, Convict, Conspirator

In checking the Bureau of Prisons web site by entering my victim/witness identification number and password, I am able to view the history of Coghill's incarceration to determine if any new informaiton has been added. I recently found that Coghill is scheduled for release on January 27, 2008. According to the BOP, he will reside in Montgomery, Alabama, and be subject to 3 years of "Supervised Release". There are a few issues here that need to be discussed. The location of this release is curious, as Coghill has no known connection to Montgomery, except for a recent four month stint while on "furlough" from prison, "to work on the I-85 project".

I have no idea what "furlough" means, but I suspect that Coghill does not want to return to Florida, he certainly does not want to return to Virginia, and he may have made some contacts in those four months that will lead to another round of fraudulent activities, or at the very least, activities which would be in violation of his probation. I have written again to the United States Attorney John Brownlee, asking him to meet with me to discuss this. To date, Mr. Brownlee has failed to respond to any of my letters and continues to ignore me, even though doing so puts him in violation of 18 United States Code 3771, which is in place to ensure that victims have access to the US Attorney. I will be filing a complaint with the US Attoney General if I do not hear from Brownlee soon. It was his people who assured me in '05 that they were keeping an eye on Coghill, and you see where that has gotten us.

Meanwhile, with or without (or perhaps in spite of) the efforts of the Federal Government, I will be arranging a network of informants in Montgomery to keep an eye on Coghill, and report any violations to the appropriate authorities. It is sad and maddening that we cannot trust those who are paid to do this, to do their jobs properly, but you should know this:

If you are in a position of relying on the US Attorney, the Courts or Judges to achieve justice, your best course of action is to put everything in writing, with multiple copies widely circulated, and to stay on thier ass every step of the way. I have learned the hard way that these are 2nd rate attorneys who will take the path of least resistance, and they need to be closely monitored.

If you have any knowledge of, or connection with, the Federal Probation system, I would like to hear from you, so that I might better learn how to get the system to work effectively. I plan to follow Coghill's activities closely and would appreciate any additional input or suggestions.

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