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Thomas Coghill, Jr. - Con Man, Convict, Conspirator

Apparently, our Federal government was warned, by people whom he had defrauded in Virginia, not to let Mr. Coghill come to Florida? Does anyone have any documents pertaining to this?

Seems to me the Feds, by ignoring this advice, and letting an indicted real estate 'player' move to Florida [duh! Floriduh? Capital of real estate scams] are partly to blame for mess he made here, negatively impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of law-abiding people.


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AL... thanks for writing. I just started this site yesterday and have not had a chance to add all of the supporting documents and additional info. I would like to know more about your story either via telephone or e-mail, and it would very helpful if you could get in touch with Jim Lamb (fax 434-293-9774 tel 293-9663) of the FBI to determine if more charges can be brought. I have a plan to keep an eye on him when he gets out, because the feds are not able or willing, and you know that he will re-offend during 3 years on probation. I also have a plan to alert/warn realtors, investors and bankers in any area in which he settles. He is due to be released in January, and I am trying to meet with Lamb to determine if additional charges will be brought ue to the violation of probation while awaiting sentencing, or if the deal with Ponce might yield charges. In any case, you should know that here are a lot of victims, and that you can help by contributing here, by getting the word of this site out to others, and by coming forward if you can. Please call my office if you would like to talk... 434-817-2729, or continue to write. Thanks again! Don
Al, I also want to give you my e-mail address.




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