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It may also take a while for the Rocket League Championship Series

It may also take a while for the Rocket League Championship Series to RL Items attain the heights of the elite, however it’s taking a step inside the proper direction.The recreation has come an extended way because the days of Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, and as Rocket League evolves, there’s a high-quality hazard its presence in esports will as nicely.A couple of mode ideas we’ll speak approximately here,…See More
Jan 18
dakunlee posted a discussion

Battlestate Games announced however also started the consecutive updates

As the call suggests, this story-driven FPS/RPG hybrid takes region inside the Russian metropolis of Tarkov, an city sprawl stuck up in EFT Roubles  a warfare among rival non-public navy agencies.Being an RPG and a shooting game, crafting guns that kill human beings actual precise is a middle factor, so weapon modding is essential. Here’s a new video highlighting that thing.Battlestate Games announced however also…See More
Jan 12
dakunlee posted a discussion

Rocket League soon became one of the finest video game sensations

Originally launched in 2015, Rocket League soon became one of Rocket League Items  the finest video game sensations and now, on September 23, 2020, it turns into even more via turning into free to play, with loose down load for players on all platforms!With the Rocket League changes, new unfastened Competitive Tournaments may even arrive, in order to run every day! These tournaments can be played alone or with a…See More
Jan 10
dakunlee posted a discussion

It was not until Psyonix developer of Rocket League

It wasn't until Psyonix, developer of Rocket League, updated its popular multiplayer game that matters became clearer. Rocket League reveals the same conduct as Squadrons and Warzone, but Psyonix has opened as to why. According to the developer, it is down to RL Items Sony simplest permitting 120Hz support for native PS5 games, and now not PS4 ones walking in backwards-compatibility."Due to this we needed to make hard choices on…See More
Jan 6
dakunlee posted a discussion

But the center DNA of Rocket League is even older than you think

But the center DNA of Rocket League is Rocket League Items Shop even older than you think: it almost predates the founding of Psyonix itself, stretching again kind of 12 years to Hagewood’s days as an Unreal Tournament 2003 modder. Like many developers, a part of his efforts to interrupt into the enterprise concerned modding famous video games; not like many modders, he designed some thing compelling sufficient…See More
Jan 5
dakunlee posted a discussion

There are some conditions If you alternate in 5 Rare gadgets from the identical Crate collection

There are some conditions. If you alternate in 5 Rare gadgets from the identical Crate collection, the award may be Very Rare, however will be drawn from the Rocket League Trading  identical collection. Do the same with five Very Rare items, and also you’ll achieve an Import item from the identical series, and so forth.Lastly, buying and selling objects outside of crates belonging to the Very Rare…See More
Jan 1
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Dec 29, 2021
dakunlee posted a discussion

Normally unusual and rare are the sorts as a way to be acquired the most customarily

There are six varieties of Drops, but normally unusual and rare are Rocket League Credits the sorts as a way to be acquired the most customarily. However, just due to the fact a Drop is categorized as one rarity, doesn't always mean that's what you are going to obtain, even if you are a beginner. For example, you can have a Rare Drop to your stock to open, however it can give you the opportunity of receiving a Rare…See More
Dec 29, 2021

Coghill the Con


If you have information about fraudulent activites by Coghill, you may leave it here to be forwarded to the FBI, or you may write to:

Special Agent Jim Lamb
675 Peter Jefferson Parkway
Charlottesville, Virginia 22911

Thomas E. Coghill, Jr. is a liar, a thief, and a con man. In August of 2005, he pled guilty to two counts of fraud, and in March of 2006 was sentenced to 30 months in Federal Prison.

While operating no fewer than 8 companies in Virginia, he defrauded a Maryland lender and a Virginia lender out of 3 million dollars by forging documents, writing phony deeds of trust, securing debt with property owned by others, securing debt with property that had no equity, and shifting money from investor to investor in order to remain undetected.

For more info, go to the forum!


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Blog Posts

Bad Day in Florida

Hi Don,

A small victory in the scheme of things but it has to hurt that empty soul Coghill more than his stay at Club Fed that someone, or something, could reach out and touch him like VISA did. His merchant account is light by $899 today.

I hope you and yours are doing fine and living well. It is the best revenge. Thank you for creating this site and I will be checking back time to time.

Posted by Joe Linder on April 10, 2013 at 11:42am — 1 Comment

Never buy a bike from a con-artist

I found this site as a result of trying to learn something about Fat Sand Bikes in Florida. I wanted to find out what I could about FSB because I was jacked around after initiating a transaction to purchase a $899 bicycle from them. I have cancelled that transaction and have lodged a Transaction Dispute with VISA. I have documented emails and phone calls pertaining to the incident and in short, this is the story:

While on the Oregon coast a couple weeks ago we saw a gentleman riding…


Posted by Joe Linder on April 8, 2013 at 3:33pm


     In a rambling, disconnected 10 page letter to your author, Coghill declares his service to God, ("I have decided to serve God and his wants and needs and not mine") and revealing that he has now read the Bible "going on three times".  In the letter he lays out his plans for the future, including:

     - Vowing to set up a web site to document his future good deeds, including a 2000 mile bike ride to raise money…


Posted by Don Melcher on June 20, 2011 at 9:29am

Coghill Letter posted, with two page reply from Melcher

Review Coghill's 10 pages of nonsense in the photo section... and my reply.

Posted by Don Melcher on June 17, 2011 at 4:47pm

A Book for Hungry Children?

How about hungry investors who were duped by this conman? What is the title - How I Screwed My Best Friends and their Families ! This is totally sickening - I hope you, Don, can get him another sentence that keeps in jail. He should be forced to pay restitution for the rest of his life to all the people who lost so much needed money. I almost feel sorry for his family members, if there were any, who lost out also.

Posted by Mary Alice Wentworth on May 10, 2011 at 11:54am




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