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Coghill Criminal Trial 2009 Comes Closer

I have been contacted about testifying as a witness for the prosecution in Lynchburg, any day now.

To help folks read the indictment more easily I have posted a single .pdf file of all 11 pages online at this address:

What I find particularly interesting in this indictment is the almost incoherent anger with which Tommy describes the power and money and wealth he has at his fingertips, during a time when he is not supposed to be involved in business at all! And also at a time when he was supposed to be clearing all his business dealings with the US Attorney's Office.


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Comment by Don Melcher on August 12, 2009 at 3:31pm

Thanks for your comments and involvement. I'm glad you did not have to make the trip. I am going to be writing to the Judge to make sure he knows about ALL of the people who have been screwed by Tommy, and takes the years of fraudulent activity into account when sentencing. I will post the Judges address so that others can write, too. Thanks!




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