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Finally.... Our boy has landed! A nice sunny cubicle at FCI Coleman Low, located in Coleman, Florida. Isn't it nice that he is close enough for Mommy and Daddy to come visit their poor little misunderstood thief?

In the middle of the state, Coleman is south of Gainesville and north of Tampa, St. Pete... right in the middle of nowhere.. just like Junior. Close enough for some of his buddies from the St. Augustine, Villano Beach area to stop in for a visit. CTC wonders if Junior will be conducting business from his cell, like the last time he stopped in for a visit. Might be worth a letter to the prison authorities to make sure they know his MO.

If you care to send the boy a letter or parcel, you can send it to:

INMATE NAME & REGISTER NUMBER (that would be 10764-084)
P.O. BOX 1031

There is a different address if you care to send money... does anyone want that address?

My understanding is that Coleman has the highest incidence of prisoner sexual abuse... but none of us would like to see the boy abused, would we? Come on, really? That's harsh.

So all of you who did not know how do get a hold of Junior after he was released in 08, now you know exactly where to find him... until March 9, 2012 (I like the sound of that... two more years... nice.) With any luck, we will see more indictments... will that make him a three time loser? Life? Be still my beating heart! With both he and Bernie locked up, the world is a better place.

Call or write with any info. Thanks!

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Comment by VLM on April 23, 2010 at 10:53am
You're doing an awesome job! You are very clever and covering all the bases!

Who is the probation officer assigned to him now? Is it the same person in C-ville or was he reassigned to someone in Lynchburg?

By the way, Jim Lamb is now with the FBI in D.C. I know you still keep in contact with him, but I thought I'd let you know that the "new" agent in charge of their C-ville office is Special Agent Jane Collins. She's been there a while, so she's really not new. The agent in charge of the Lynchburg office is a good friend of mine.

Do you think we can submit FOIA request and ask how much money CTC has in his commissary account? Wouldn't it be nice if his probation officer ordered that any money deposited into that account continue to be removed and paid toward restitution for his victims?
Comment by Don Melcher on April 23, 2010 at 10:23am
Thanks, VM, I have already written a letter to the boy, wishing him a pleasant stay. Too bad the population is not, how shall we say, a little more "earthy". As for rehab, I seriously doubt that it is possible... he is just very sick, and there is no fixing a sociopath. There is also no doubt that he will continue to screw people over when he is out again.. but will just be more careful about it. You may know that I sent fliers with his mug on them to all of the businesses that he mentioned that he was doing business with in a magazine article... and he had not "notified" them of his terms of probation. I'm not sure what probation was doing last time around, but the next time I will be all over the probation officer with notices to Judge Moon, when he is violating. In 08 he was arrested twice for alcohol related incidents, was not notifying "clients and customers" of his terms... and, was still trying to continue business in Florida.. should have been violated and sent back. but I'll get another 3 year shot at him starting in 012, and see if we can't get the system to work a little better.

Thanks for posting all the info!

Comment by VLM on April 23, 2010 at 9:53am
Hey, Don -

I'm sure you already know this, but anyone can go onto the Bureau of Prisons website ( and do an inmate search using Coghill's name or inmate number (10764-084). The site shows that Coghill is at the FCI Coleman Low Federal Correctional Institution at 846 N.E. 54th Terrace, Coleman, FL 33521. This is a low security facility housing male inmates only. The mailing address is FCI Coleman Low Federal Correctional Institution, Post Office Box 1031, Coleman, FL 33521. The telephone number is (352) 689-4000; fax number is (352) 689-4008; email address is coa/ Here's the Inmate Information Handbook:; the Inmate Activity Book:; Rules for Visitors Handbook: Yes, and they also have an Inmate Money site that contains instructions on how to deposit money into an inmate's commissary account! I'm sure Mommy and Daddy have deposited enough money for his entire stay at this low security facility.

Perhaps he'll try to escape and end up with a lot more prison time in a facility that is not so lenient or nice.

Do you think Coghill the Con will benefit from mental health treatment, or do you think he'll just Con the doctor?

Shall we send him some sunless tanning lotion?




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