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Coghill Pleads Guilty to Obstruction

I went to the hearing yesterday thinking there would be some interesting legal wrangling, the trial might be postponed a few weeks, but eventually there would be a trial. Justice came swiftly in the form of a plea agreement, reached just prior to the hearing. Junior plead guilty to one count of obstruction, and the perjury charge was dropped. Sentencing is scheduled for November 23rd. I do not know what the "Guidelines" referred to in court call for in the way of prison time, but I suspect that… Continue

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Motion to Compel by Coghill

Coghill's attorney has filed a Motion to Compel, asking the Court to direct the Government to turn over documents, records, names and addresses etc. relating to the case. He was arraigned on April 13th, folks. You would think that on April 14th, there would have been a request from the defense for all of these records and documents. Seems pretty basic to me.... show us your stuff, so we can prepare. It is less than a week until the trial, and they are just now asking for discovery.… Continue

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Motion Denied! Trial to begin on the 13th.

This morning Judge Norman Moon denied Coghill's motion for a continuance. In a tersely worded Order, the Judge pointed out that Coghill had plenty of time to hire an attorney, and the fact that he did not is no reason to delay the trial. (Whoopie!!) (See photos of the Judge's Order)

In my recent letter to Judge Moon I made the same point, and asked the Judge if he was going to continue to let Coghill play him. I guess not! In reading the Order (which I will post shortly) it seems… Continue

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U.S. Response to Coghill's Motion (See 4 new photo documents)

In documents filed by the Government today, Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom supported a short continuance for our boy's trial, but cited 3 areas of concern:

1) A potential conflict of interest for John Edwards, who previously represented Coghill Sr., a government witness. Hogeboom writes "Since Mr. Edwards previously represented Coghill Sr. during the investigative stage of this matter, he would undoubtedly have obtained information that might prove critical in impeaching Coghill… Continue

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Liar and Thief Still Seeking Continuance

Junior's new attorney, John Edwards, has filed ANOTHER motion to continue, according to the recent postings on PACER. Our boy is really wriggling around trying to get this trial postponed over the objection of Assistant US Attorney Pat Hogeboom. Hogeboom knows that junior is playing games with the system just to delay his next appearance before Judge Moon and subsequent incarceration. We will see if judge Moon allows this continuance... and we expect he will, but we are encouraged by Hogeboom's… Continue

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