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Documents From Sentencing and News article Posted

The Sentencing and Judgment Documents are now available in the photo section. By now our boy is securely ensconced in the Federal Prison nearest Virginia Beach... (so that mommy and daddy can visit their little thief) and I suppose he is going through some some serious mental and physical hell... detox is not fun (well, for me it is... I enjoy thinking that he is suffering). Interesting that the Judge ordered alcohol treatment, drug treatment, and mental health treatment. We know he needs… Continue

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Coghill JAILED!!


Junior was sentenced to another 30 months in

Federal Prison yesterday afternoon, and was taken directly from the courtroom to jail. Judge Moon expressed his disgust with Coghill when he said "I give no credence to anything you have to say, Mr. Coghill. I see con men in here all the time, and they just keep conning and conning." (I'm paraphrasing here, will have the exact quote when I get the transcript of the hearing)

The hearing… Continue

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Virginian-Pilot Newspaper Runs Coghill Story

Today's issue of the Virginian-Pilot has published and posted online the following story about our boy:

Donald Melcher says he lost nearly everything after loaning Thomas E. Coghill Jr. money for his homebuilding business. The Charlottesville businessman claims he was out more than $527,000 after helping Coghill build houses in the Charlottesville area during the 1990s.

To get financing from Melcher and others, Coghill claimed houses had been completed or were being built… Continue

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Motion DENIED!

In a tersely worded response to the Motion for Continuance of Hearing requested on December 30th by Coghill attorney John Edwards, Judge Moon denied the motion.

Sentencing of Junior is scheduled for 2 PM on Friday in Lynchburg. What fun!

Note to Tommy.... pack your toothbrush, your going back! And when you are free again, you can expect more of the same. CTC is determined to cause you as much pain as you have caused us. Restitution would be nice, but this is much more fun.… Continue

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