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Thomas Coghill, Jr. - Con Man, Convict, Conspirator

  Dear American Greed

My name is Mike Morrissey.I live in Wauwatosa-a burb in Milwaukee.I was looking for a lighter wheelset for my

new fat bike. Found Tommi Coghills’ Extreme Fat Tire Bike parts w/these carbon 29er rims.My Trek Farley is a

standard 26 in. wheel set. I called and was assured he could build a 29er carbon wheel set that would fit.Also

ordered a carbon fork-Fat bikes are very, very heavy. He said it was easier to use my hubs, which I sent.

1230 some dollars and 2 weeks later the wrong fork and wheels that don’t fit show up. Called back and an 

agitated Coghill said send them back for refund that has yet to show. Numerous excuses follow :”Burning Man 

Festival”?? Company going public ?? bank issues?? NDA issue w/ discovery Dons’ website : . I think his story is very interesting .Basically an upper

class kid w/ a physics degree from Old Dominion who chose steal millions, cheat the system, engage in more fraud

while on probation,blame the victims.Please read his 10 page ramble to victim Don Melcher because its’ insight into

this sociopaths delusion. I think Its a perfect story for AG... hope you think so too Thanks Mike Morrissey 414 241 6913.

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